About Us

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When we were young, Jo and I were taught old-fashioned principles that reflected valuable core concepts such as honesty, integrity, faith, morality, respect for authority and others long before we became church members or even knew these concepts were rooted in the Bible.  Why? Because our parents taught them to us whose parents taught it to them. We, in turn, are trying to teach it to those who come after us.  Why? Because God’s Word says to.  Our nation will only be as strong as the families that comprise it, and the families will only be as strong as The Rock (Jesus Christ/Bible) on which they make their stand.  We need our homes back under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!

Having accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour and the King James Bible as our final authority, allowing its Law to be our Moral Compass and the Holy Spirit to be our guide, we make no apologies for standing on the Truths we have learned from God’s Word or proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.  Because of Him, we have Life, true Liberty, and the opportunity to pursue Genuine Happiness in this life while looking forward to an eternal home in Heaven one day in the afterlife.  We have found a Love worth finding, a Faith worth sharing, a Life worth living, a hope worth embracing, and a Peace worth securing.  We hope you have or will come to the same conclusion.  We invite you and your family to learn and grow along with us as we share what we have learned, are learning, and hope to learn from the past, present, and future.  God bless!

– Bob and Jo Beth Hooker