Faith & Family Conferences

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We are offering our years of experience that we have in the area of spiritual family growth via what we are calling Faith and Family Seminars, Conferences and Ladies’ Meetings. These meetings would consist of several days of intense training on the home and family. The lectures would be taught by classroom instruction, power point presentations and preaching. Our desire is to effectively reach out to everyone in the home. A manual along with handouts and other instructional materials will be made available for both use and purchase during the seminars. We are currently prepared to host one of five seminars listed below:

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[numbers_sections number=”1″ title=”Foundation Series” last=”no” ]This series establishes the importance of the home, the role of the husband/wife and father/mother with emphasis on salvation, using the right Bible, establishing right principles, the power of the Holy Spirit, and split sessions that focus on “mind control” for men, the “respect of men” for women and “the need for intimacy” for both.[/numbers_sections]

[numbers_sections number=”2″ title=”Advanced Series” last=”no” ]This series goes into depth to explain living by biblical principles that will make the home structurally strong and sound. These topics will include the seven pillars of Proverbs, applying the Ten Commandments to daily living, and establishing principles and procedures for addressing concerns such as television, movies, music, dating, secular education, friendships and dress standards.[/numbers_sections]

[numbers_sections number=”3″ title=”Freedom Series” last=”no” ]This series focuses on specific issues common to broken homes, dysfunctional families and blended families with special emphasis on the importance of couples getting on the same page, not allowing divorce to be an option, wayward children, stepchildren, addictions, perverse behaviors, molestation and basic family financial principles.[/numbers_sections]

[numbers_sections number=”4″ title=”Child Rearing Series” last=”no” ]This series is designed to help anyone who is a caregiver to a child to establish a game plan for investing in the life of that child, rearing that child with a purpose, and getting them to productive adulthood. Teachings will include a focus on a study of the Ten Commandments as it relates to children, the seven major adolescent conflicts and how to deal with them, the progression of normal behavior to abnormal behavior and how to reverse it, dealing with an afflicted or handicapped child and the importance of authorities in a child’s life.[/numbers_sections]

[numbers_sections number=”5″ title=”Counseling Series” last=”yes” ]This series teaches counseling principles to help anyone in a counseling position become better equipped to handle current issues, especially sexually perversive situations and women who have been molested, how to determine if a counselee is lying, and practical helps to guard against a counseling situation becoming inappropriate.[/numbers_sections]

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Following is an example of what we can do at its maximum capacity. We are not suggesting that anyone do all of this, it is simply a suggestion of what could be available, if desired.

Tuesday-Friday: Classes 8am-noon (4-1 hour classes)
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Evening Sessions: 6pm-9pm (2-45 minute sessions with 1 Q&A session)
Wednesday Evening Service (optional)
Friday Night: Teen Meeting or Couple’s Meeting
Saturday: sessions with the ladies (9am-5pm, 6 sessions, including a lunch break and question and answer time)
Saturday Evening: (optional) – a men’s session and/or couple’s session
Sunday: available for any and all services with messages for the family
Sunday Afternoon: (optional) – men and/or ladies, teens and/or children

This would be a very full week and weekend for us but we feel very strongly that this is what God is compelling us to do. Of course, the schedule can be custom designed to meet your needs. We are more than willing to adjust our schedule as needed.

We don’t presume to be experts by any means, but we do have thirty years of experience in the field of counseling on the home and family: 20 years we worked in a military ministry, 15 years we taught an adult Sunday school class, and 30 years we both worked and counseled college students. We believe God is now directing us to step out into full-time evangelism. I have also personally earned a BA in Criminal Justice, a BA in Pastoral Theology, a Master’s Degree in Theology and been given an Honorary Doctorate. Jo Beth has been counseling and working with women for over 25 years. We are blessed to have six married daughters who love us, love the Lord, whose husbands are currently all serving God in the ministry, leading, teaching and rearing their families for Christ.

Our goal is to inspire, encourage and help individuals regardless of where they are in their spiritual growth. Although our outreach is primarily to families, we are open to any area of need, and are available to do Couples’ Retreats, Banquets, Youth Rallies, Camp Speaking and Revivals.

We are particularly burdened for the women of our nation, married or single, and the many issues that affect their lives. For this reason, I have included for you a list of topics that my wife is available to teach to the women. I do feel my wife is excellent in dealing with hard topics with which many are not comfortable dealing. For many years God has brought to my wife those suffering from a myriad of issues, such as, bitterness, abuse, molestation and self-mutilation along with many other “hard” issues. The classroom atmosphere is particularly helpful as it gives ladies the opportunity to discuss potentially divisive issues. The talks are designed to fulfill Titus 2:3-5 by both teaching women what the Bible has to say and encouraging them to teach other women also. She is a sought out and respected speaker and has a way of communicating to women in a non-offensive, non- abrasive manner. I think you would be pleased. Some churches have had her teach as many as 7-45 minute sessions to the ladies on a Saturday. This, honestly, seems to have worked well with them. We have no desire, of course, to conflict with you on any subject. We would prefer that the topics for the women be chosen by you. You know best what your ladies need. Our desire is to support you and encourage your people in the direction that you want them to go.

We are scheduling now for the year 2014. February is nearly filled and the spring is filling fast. We would love to be of service to you if we could. Whether we get to be with you or not, we sincerely hope that God blesses you in all that you do as you strive to serve our Savior.

We can be reached by writing to us at our email address:, or by calling us at 219-808-3989 (Bro. Hooker’s cell #) or by contacting our daughter Heather who is acting secretary at 856-313-7703.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

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  • Our Mental Makeup: How Women Think and Why
  • Why Women Don’t Trust Men and the Need for Discernment
  • How Feminism Has Caused the Breakdown of the Home and Family
  • Combating Negative Emotions: How the 9 Fruits of God’s Spirit Enables Us to Fight
  • Satan’s Attack on the Home: The 4 P’s of a Woman’s Weakness
  • Love vs. Respect: Ephesians 5:33 and Why Women Struggle With It
  • When You Are a Martha Instead of a Mary: Scheduling Bible Time and Prayer
  • Biblical Fasting, How to Do It Right and Why
  • Forgiveness: Coping with Injustices and Disappointments in Life
  • Design Issues and Low Self-Worth
  • Overcoming Bitterness and Resentment
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    Dealing with divisive issues:

  • Submission vs. Subjugation
  • Identity vs. Individuality
  • Sexism in the Work Place
  • Women in the Military
  • Women in Athletics
  • Women in the Pulpit
  • What’s Wrong with Living Together?
  • The Sacredness of a Christian Wedding and the Keeping of the Vows
  • Fashion: God’s Definition of Nakedness and the Necessity of Modest Dress
  • Pants on Women and Skirts on Men: What’s the Big Deal?
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    Coping with:

  • Infidelity in Marriage
  • Incest and Pedophilia
  • Molestation and Rape
  • Pornography and the Imaginations of the Heart
  • Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage
  • Tattoos and Body Piercing, Is It Right or Wrong?
  • Gay and Lesbian Relationships
  • Birth Control, Infertility Issues and Adoption
  • Abortions, Miscarriages and Stillbirths
  • Spanking vs. Child Abuse, What Defines It?
  • Women Married to Unbelievers
  • Sexual Intimacy: What’s Right and Wrong in the Bedroom?
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    Helps for:

  • Hormone Imbalances and Menopause
  • Finding the Road Through Depression
  • Eating Disorders: Anorexia and Bulimia
  • Obesity Issues or Habitual Overeaters
  • Single Women in the Church
  • Loneliness in Marriage
  • Rearing Children Who Are Challenged
  • Divorced Women and Single Moms
  • Sexual Sins
  • Women with Addictions
  • Those Suffering Grief and Loss
  • Women in the Afternoon of Life
  • Women Facing Dying and Death
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    Child Rearing:

  • Faithful Parenting: The Importance of Training
  • Helps for Reaching Your Child’s Heart
  • The Importance of Spousal Agreement and Presenting a United Front
  • Wayward Children
  • Rearing Daughters
  • Preparing Your Daughter for Marriage
  • Telling Her the Facts of Life
  • The Importance of Being a Bridge Builder Between the Child’s World and Dad
  • The Ostrich and the Eagle: Parenting Skills from Nature
  • The Importance of a Dad in a Daughter’s Life: What She Gets from Him
  • The Importance of a Dad in a Son’s Life: What He Gets from Him
  • The Seven Basic Youth Conflicts and How to Handle Them
  • Laying Their Foundation Right: What is Taught from 0-7 Matters
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    Helps for Counseling or Leading Others:

  • The Twelve Steps to Effective Counseling
  • Practical Steps for Counseling Women and Girls
  • Adolescent Counseling
  • Leading Ladies
  • Typical Reactions from Followers that Can Destroy Leaders
  • Practical Ministry Helps (the “how-to’s” of lady-run operations such as wedding coordination, nursery work, missionary society programs, hosting an event, kitchen service, etc.) (Choose one, please.)
  • Preparation for Leadership (condensed)
  • Principles of Leadership (condensed)
  • The Value of Integrity
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    These topics represent the bulk of the material that is available for teaching. Topics not mentioned here may be requested. We desire to help in any capacity that we can. Again, thank you for your time and attention.