The music we listen to

Sticking my nose in again, but please be careful of the music you listen to. As I walk city streets, it is heartbreaking the confusion, chaos and unhappiness in which so many people are living. Always music is an obvious and integral part of their lives. Even Christians that I have observed who are living… Continue reading The music we listen to

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Individual Song Downloads in MP3

I am excited that we now have the ability to provide individual song downloads. For years we have considered a favorites CD which would be a compilation of all of our favorite songs. This new singles download opportunity allows everyone to create their own favorites CD. It has been amazing and a blessing how different… Continue reading Individual Song Downloads in MP3

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Special February Deals!

Kindle or rekindle the romance in your marriage! Author Gregory Godek once said, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing!” And this book not only gives great ideas how to “play,” but zeroes in on helping the husband and the wife to understand what makes each other… Continue reading Special February Deals!