I Will Be True Music Video

Written and Performed by Brooke Hooker Williams.


Verse 1:
If through a broken heart
You can make your purpose known
Then I thank you Lord for heartaches
That have come my way
And though I don’t understand
Lord help me rest in your hand
And work your plan in me
And though at times I fear
Let me be still
Let me be still and hear your voice in the night
In the quiet of the night
Lord I need you heart
I need you love
Send you Holy power from above
I will stay true
Though sometimes I falter
I will pour out my heart
To you on this altar I make
I will not forsake
I will be true
Verse 2:
If through the trials you send
Your glory may be seen
Then dear Lord please give me
Strength and grace to rise anew
You are the potter and I am the clay
Mold me and make me in your own way
And in your fire
Purity and refine me
So that I may your vessel be
A holy vessel be

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