Taking It to the Next Level

There is a story in Mark 2 about four people who labored in love to get a friend
sick of the palsy up on a rooftop and down to Jesus. Their labor of love was
rewarded with the miraculous healing of their friend. But the thing that struck
me most while I was reading that story was the human element that I think we can
so often overlook. You see, God never does anything by accident and I
believe the choice of “four” who took upon themselves this burden is
significant. Why? Did you know that, according to some researchers, there are
four distinct temperments that represent mankind- choleric, sanguine,
phlegmatic, and melancholy? Space won’t permit me to explain each personality
so may it suffice to say- for those four personalities to get along, they had
to CHOOSE to do so by seeing in each other the blessings of one another’s
strengths while overlooking one another’s weaknesses. Can you imagine the
struggle of trying to haul dead weight to a roof? Truly, If those four had been
women, I wonder if the friend would have made it to the roof! The ability of
these four people to corporately work together was the result of sacrifice
and of having a cause higher than themselves. Not only did their efforts get
their friend to a Savior Who could heal, but their FAITH caused Jesus to WANT to
heal their friend. Their faith had to be in one another as well as in Jesus! The
lesson? Women working together can change lives! Let’s DECIDE TODAY just to love
one another and together we CAN make a difference.

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By JoBeth Hooker

Mrs. Hooker accepted Christ as her Saviour as a child and later received assurance of her salvation at the age of 21. Mrs. Hooker attended Memphis State University and met Bro. Hooker during her freshman year. They were married two years later in 1978. Mrs. Hooker is now the mother of six daughters who are grown and married, and she has 12 grandchildren. Since the Hooker’s move to Indiana and the First Baptist Church of Hammond Mrs. Hooker has both attended Hyles-Anderson College and been involved in several ministries within the church. The ministries that Mrs. Hooker has been involved in include: Deaf Children’s Sunday School Teacher, Blue Denim and Lace worker, Church Nurseries, Sunday School Teacher, Phoster Club and the Servicemen’s Ministry. Mrs. Hooker served as the Dean of Women at Hyles-Anderson College for two years and she has been a part-time faculty member at Hyles-Anderson College for 14 years. Mrs. Hooker is an author and conference speaker, but she is most content being a wife and homemaker.

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