The Bible and the Court

Not picking a fight but just want everyone to think about the fact that all that we hold dear in America is really based on the nearly 240 year old document, our Constitution and that document was based on the Bible. The courts are supposed to be guided by precedent which is established by these documents. The more we change either or both the more the courts believe they have the right to change or reinterpret. I believe that we as Christians will soon be brought before the courts to stand for our belief. The only hope we have is if we can stand and say our foundational belief has not changed. The court and public opinion has changed but we have not. The only way we will be able to do that is if we stand on the Bible which the nation was built upon. When we accept other Bibles that change or delete what is written, then this opens the door for the argument that anyone and everyone can write their own bible,¬†which is in fact pretty much what we have. We have pro homosexual bibles, gender neutral bibles, we have bibles that delete Jesus as God, we have rap bibles, marijuana bibles. When we stand on or with any bible except the one that birthed the nation, we are then opening a door for the court to invalidate our stand, for once you leave the first then the court will believe we ¬†believe all others are acceptable, for our stand is a changing stance. We see the Supreme Court writing their own laws and we are appalled because it violates the constitution. Yet we write our own form of God’s law and effectively take the stand that everyone can write God’s law the way they want, to please themselves. I listened recently to the head of one of the translation committees and he said that they had no intention of making a literal translation. If it is not literal, it is not a translation, it is a commentary at best. I stand with the KJV by faith but also when it comes to the battle we face in the nation I stand with it by reason. This is not written in the spirit of debate but rather a warning of our need to prepare for the battle ahead.