Why Attend a Ladies’ Bible Study – especially One Hosted By Me?

Why should a lady attend the Faith and Family Ladies’ Bible Study hosted by yours
truly that meets on Thursday mornings at 8:15 am at our HB Junior High chapel,
especially when our lives are sooo busy already? For several very good reasons:

(1). Women have a lot of issues and need a means of asking questions and talking
their issues out.

(2). Women tend to feel alone in their struggles. They need to know that they
are not alone and help is out there.

(3). Women are nurturers and caregivers and need the comfort that fellowship
with other women offers.

(4). Women need specifics to know “how” to deal with a problem, and specifics
that are tailored for their situation.

(5). Get-togethers are fun!
Some of the lessons we have already learned are: women do not trust what they do
not see; women will trust their own perceptions more than they will trust
authorities, truth or even evidence; women think in terms of “black and white,”
meaning, “this man hurt me, therefore all men are bad;” and, women do not have
natural discernment which makes them vulnerable to deception. Our study is now
in Titus 2:3-5 and boy, is it good! Following Bible study is an exercise program
at 9:00 am. At 10:00 am we go soul winning. Then, we finish out by walking from
11:30-noon. Don’t miss out. Plan your day so that Thursdays are a part of your
routine and, I promise, you won’t sorry!

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