Children love stories and children love to laugh! There is no greater way to reach down, grab a child’s heart and influence them for God and for right than through a story. When I was young, I loved to hear my dad tell stories of his childhood. I would beg to hear them again and again. I learned character, tenacity and practical thinking skills from my dad’s stories. A story will stick in a person’s mind and run through their imagination forever. What a wonderful tool God has given us to influence the minds of children and in such a fun and palatable way. My grandchildren never tire of hearing stories. One will start, “Tell us a story, Noni,“ then the others will start chiming in, “Yeah, tell us a story!” If I don’t respond quickly enough, they will begin to clap their hands rhythmically and chant, “Tell us a story! Tell us a story!” As soon as I agree, even the rowdiest will automatically grow still and quiet, sitting in rapt attention, as I tell and retell story after story. I have told stories of my past, my husband’s past, my daughter’s past until I ran out of true stories and had to start making up stories to satisfy them. They only beg for more, and I love it. There is a story in the Bible of one mother who told so many stories to her young son about his great, great, great…grandfather that her son grew up wanting to be just like him and, in doing so, changed the course of a nation (II Kings 22-23). That boy was Josiah and his great grandfather was King David. Perhaps that is why God Himself tells so many stories in the Bible to us. We must never underestimate the power of a story, the power of influence in what may appear to be the most trivial form, or the power of one story’s influence on the mind of a child.

In the days to come, Hook Publications will be proudly presenting a lot more stories for children. Coming soon, for example, is: The Cornerstone Kids with their mystery solving skills and humorous antics,

Wise Willy the Detective Owl who will delight young readers as he explores the animal kingdom looking for evidence of God’s handiwork in all of God’s creation, and

The Princess of Palmyra which combines adventure with virtue and values as a young princess and boy gypsy set out to rescue her parents from kidnappers.

So stay tuned and connected for these stories and more!

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