Everybody loves music, but young people especially love and need happy music. That is one reason they are so often drawn to music with a beat. It makes them feel good, and if they feel good, then they feel happy. If music does not have a rock beat (and ours doesn’t), then to gain their attention, it must appeal to their emotions and thus, to their heart (and ours does). When their heart is happy, then they are happy too. They will also listen to music that identifies with the mood they are in even if it is a bad mood, and they will do this rather than change the music to change a mood. For years, many Christian young people succumbed to listening to groups like Metallica when hurt or angry because all of the songs started off with hypnotically soothing music, then moved to an angry, blaring crescendo that fed their mood. The words of the songs then coached those kids to handle their anger and stress by cursing God, cursing other people or worse. How Satan uses music to accomplish his purposes in our young people’s lives! Because of this, our songs and the music has been chosen for the purpose of emotional appeal for a variety of moods and spiritual instruction for how to handle life. Teens do need good, Christ-honoring music that will feed their spirits but not take them down a road neither we nor they want them to go, but they are also picky. Not just anything appeals to them. Teens want music that they identify with, that appeals to their moods and music that satisfies even after being played over and over and over again.

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